Electric Aggregation Program.

Following the passage of a voter referendum in November 2012, the Village of Inverness contracted to procure lower-cost electric supply for residents and small businesses via an opt-out program. The Village’s initial two-year contract has met with great success: the average participating Inverness household has now saved $398 from inception through September 2014, for a Village-wide cumulative savings of $825,000. That first contract expires on meter read dates in February 2015.

The Village sought competitive bids for a renewal program and accepted a bid from Dynegy Energy Services at a fixed rate for the first 12 months, which then steps down to a lower fixed rate for the remaining 24 months of a three-year term ending February 2018.

As an eligible participant, there are two supply options available: Traditional generation sources and 100% Renewable energy sources. If you do not want to participate in either program, you may choose to opt-out by contacting Dynegy Customer Care at  844-351-7691 before December 19, 2014.

  • The Traditional Power rate is $0.06570 for the first 12 months (February 2015 to February 2016) and steps down to $0.06487 for the last 24 months (February 2016 to February 2018.)
  • The Renewable Power rate is $0.06710 for the first 12 months (February 2015 to February 2016) and steps down to $0.06644 for the last 24 months (February 2016 to February 2018.)
  • There is no enrollment or switching fee and there is no early termination fee.
  • All participants will be enrolled for the Traditional Power (lower priced) rate unless they call 844-351-7691 to request the Renewable rate.

The current ComEd rate is $0.0743 plus or minus a $0.005 PEA fee through May 2015. More information about your utility’s rates may be found at the Illinois Commerce Commission site: http://www.pluginillinois.org/FixedRateBreakdownComEd.aspx

You will continue to receive one monthly bill from ComEd. You will still be eligible for the same programs that may be available now through the utility, such as Budget Billing, payment agreements and energy efficiency programs. The only change will be in the Electric Supply price on your ComEd bill (https://www.comed.com/customer-service/billing-payment/understand-bill/Pages/residential.aspx).

Once your account is enrolled, you will receive a notice from ComEd confirming your "switch" to DES. A sample "Switching" letter is included in this packet. You can expect to receive your first bill with the new DES rate in March 2015. Please see the enclosed Terms and Conditions for additional information.

If you choose not to participate, you may elect to be removed from the Program by contacting Dynegy Customer Care at  844-351-7691 by December 19, 2014

If you have questions, please visit http://www.dynegyenergyservices.com, call DES Customer Care at 844-351-7691 8:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday, or email DESCustCare@Dynegy.com.




Village Hall:
1400 Baldwin Rd.
Inverness, IL 60067
847.358.8858 Fax

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Village Hall Annex:
1415 Baldwin Rd.
Inverness, IL 60067

Building Department
847.358.1207 Fax

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Police Department
847.358.8774 Fax

Resident Notification System

The Village has updated its resident notification system, in cooperation with Northwest Central Dispatch, to better serve you. This system enables us to provide you with critical information in a timely manner.   As long as you have a traditional landline phone, you are automatically signed-up for this service through the 911 system. If you want to receive notifications at work, on your cell phone or by email, you need to register. You can register whenever you want, and can opt out at anytime.  When we issue an emergency message, it will be sent to all standard voice and text communication devices that you have registered. Some messages may ask for you to confirm receipt.  If you do not confirm receipt of the message, the system will try to reach your second contact number or email. The system will continue trying to contact you until it receives a confirmation from you.

For more information and/or to register, please click on the Citizen Alert Link.

Emerald Ash Borer

Ash Tree

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation has been confirmed throughout the Village. It can be difficult to detect until the branches of an infected tree begin to die. The most visible sign is crown dieback, which appears after the first year of infestation.  Usually the leaves on the upper third of the tree will begin to thin and the branches will begin to die.  A number of suckers and branches will also sprout from the base of the tree and on the trunk.  The bark may also split vertically and woodpeckers may begin to feed on the beetle larvae leaving visible damage on the bark.  Adult beetles emerging from trees will leave a very small 1/8 inch diameter distinctly D-shaped exit hole that may appear anywhere on the trunk or upper branches. Distinct S-shaped larval feeding tunnels may also be apparent under the bark. Typically, the tree will die in about three years. Click here for a brochure on identifying the EAB.

Ash trees infested with EAB are a public nuisance under Section 9-2B-2 of the Village Code. Residents are required to remove these Ash trees and properly dispose of the debris using a contractor that has a compliance agreement with the Illinois Department of Agriculture. More information regarding EAB can be found at the following sites:

Residents are urged to inspect Ash trees on their property for signs of EAB infestation. If you believe a tree in the right of way is infested, please contact Village Hall at 847-358-7740.



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